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Quaint Local Quality

Carriage House Coffee

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Our Passion Your Coffee

   At Carriage House Coffee, we believe a cup of coffee can change the world, and spreading joy by serving the best gourmet coffee has a ripple effect. Our passion and our mission is to impact our community through partnering with local businesses and charities, while providing you with the best coffee experience..

Connect with us

   Have you ever had coffee from a truck? There are millions of coffee shops, but not too many coffee trucks. Once you experience the best cup of coffee from the raddest looking coffee truck, you’ll be hooked.

   Carriage House Coffee, we’re passionate about two things: excellent coffee and supporting local businesses and charities. We combined our passions into Carriage House Coffee, a mobile coffee shop serving up the best gourmet coffee through partnering with local North Carolina coffee roasters. You can find us in our vintage red LeMont truck, nicknamed Ruby, at local food truck fests, farmer’s markets, or in your neighborhood. 

Why Local Matters 

   Supporting local has always been something so important to us. Through partnering with small businesses, we can directly change our communities by strengthening our local economy. We consumed more caffeine than we thought was humanly possible, selecting the very best local roasts. Similarly, we happily devoured local baked goods (our kids enjoyed taste testing for our bakery menu as well, it's a family operation at Carriage House) to find the best local baked goods to pair with our coffee. Pair our Lavender White Mocha with a La Farm Baked Goods - it will change your life. Ever had a white chocolate baguette from La Farm? Pair it with our Vanilla Orchid Cold Brew- it will blow your mind. 

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